• Aurora
    Ball gown with a bow on the back

    • AED: 581 AED
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    The Aurora dress was created for a real princess. A long fluffy ankle-length skirt, a bodice decorated with white lace, a beautiful removable bow and a V—neck of the back are the perfect combination for a festive dress.

  • Mercury
    Designer dress with Peony print

    • AED: 559 AED
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    Mercury is one of the most unusual dresses in its content. Its style is inspired by the Japanese kimono: the bodice of the product, laid in a fold, embodies a wide Obi belt, the back is decorated with a huge bow, as in a traditional women’s suit. The print on the jacquard is made in the form of silver peony flowers. The upper part of the bodice is sewn from a very soft mesh, so it’ll not cause discomfort to the child.

  • Confit
    Fabulous dress for a princess powder

    • AED: 559 AED
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    Confit is a real princess dress from a fairy tale. Very delicate color and sparkles playing on it make it truly magical. Three layers of soft mesh add splendor to the skirt, and the wing sleeves brings lightness to the image.
    Stylish decoration on the belt creates a small bright accent of the whole composition.

    The dress is presented in two actual colors, you need only to decide which one you choose.

    Confit - light-blue
    Confit – light-blue

  • Odette
    Dress like a real ballerina

    • AED: 469 AED
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    A beautiful dress with a skirt like a real ballerina: 4 lush, airy layers. It may be a ball gone for a young girl with its sleeveless stylish hand-beaded bodice, decorated with French lace and wide tulle dance skirt. Nice fit and flare midi party dress has a huge designer’s bow, also hand-beaded. You can order this luxury comfortable party girl’s dress from Dubai for a very affordable price.

  • Rose Gold
    Elegant dress with a shiny bodice

    • AED: 470 AED
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    The combination of a powdery shade and noble gold inspired the creation of this outfit. The lush flying skirt is decorated with a powdery satin ribbon along the edge. The bodice is made of mesh with sequins, with a V-neck at the back. Fastens with stylish gold buttons on the back.

  • Marcel
    Elegant tulle dress with velvet polka dots

    • AED: 389 AED
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    Stylish delicate dress with contrasting black polka dots and a belt. The bodice and sleeves are decorated with black velvet bows. Powdery and black are the perfect combination for a dress for any occasion.

  • Madeleine
    Elegant polka dot print dress powder

    • AED: 513 AED
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    The style of the dress is inspired by the classic design from Dior. An elegant top with a polka dot print yoke and a fluffy skirt made of soft mesh create a beautiful “princess” silhouette. A V-neck adorns the back.

    The dress is presented in two actual colors, you need only to decide which one you choose.

    Madeleine - black

    Madeleine – black

  • Charlie
    Teen Party Dress powder

    • AED: 370 AED
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    Definitely, “Charlie” is a dress for a dance party. The comfortable trapezoid silhouette does not constrain movements, and the fringe beautifully waves in the direction of movements. The raglan sleeves are decorated with a soft mesh with sequins. The design of “Charlie” allows you to combine it not only with shoes, but also with boots or sneakers.

    The dress is presented in two actual colors, you need only to decide which one you choose.

    Charlie - Black


    Charlie – Black

  • Verona
    Stylish A-line dress powder

    • AED: 284 AED
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    Perhaps one of the most versatile dresses for a teenage girl. A simple and very stylish at the same time solution fits for any occasion. Transparent raglan sleeves soften broad shoulders, when the trapezoid silhouette hides flaws.
    The dress is presented in several actual colors, you need only to decide which one you choose.

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